Artists are known to be old souls. Well more accurately, the artist’s soul is a well-balanced amalgamation of a young soul and a mature soul. Artists are unique individuals, adventurous, and always reaching out to become a realized-self. An artist is like a distinctive star in the night sky. The soul of an artist always seeks experiences providing the ultimate personal fulfillment. 

So firstly, let us be clear about what are the characteristics that make us an old soul. The meaning of being an “old soul” is quite simply, to be born with a different sensation mechanism. Old souls often feel they don’t belong in this world, or this time period. They seek for the true meaning of life and inner fulfillment that money, power, and success can’t achieve.

An old soul is spiritually awakened accompanied by the gifts of empathy, high intelligence, intuition, and keen insight into the human existence.

I often struggled to make connections with many people of my age. I grew up thinking the term “old soul” as someone who enjoys things of the past. But the term means so much more. This is to all my fellow artists if you’ve experienced being different, which I am sure you all have. If you have not yet discovered yourself as an Old Soul or if you are simply struggling to fit in, this will guide you through. Here are the reasons that make artists “old soul”.

#1 Tend to be a loner

Being an old soul, artists prefer to stay-in rather than accompanying their friends to a wild party or night-out. Now, this may not be a phenomenon applied to each and every day, but for most days it is. An artist would rather relish in the silence and comfort of their own company. Mostly, you’re disinterested in the pursuits and interests of the people of their age as you find a lack of same interests or values as yourself. Therefore, you tend to find yourself alone a lot of the time.

Plus creative madness seeks alone time!

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay
Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

#2 Crave for knowledge, truth, and wisdom

Artists are always seeking the answer to some questions, burning inside themselves. Old souls love asking questions and they enjoy the journey of getting the answers. Artists being old souls are curious about the world around and long to find more information about the things they want to know. They inherently understand that knowledge is power, wisdom is happiness, and the truth is freedom. So why not seek after those things? These pursuits are more meaningful to them than reading up on the latest gossips.

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#3 Spiritually Inclined

Having an old soul, artists tend to have sensitive and spiritual natures. They feel more connected to the Universe, Mother Nature. Seeking enlightenment and self-exploration often leads to perceiving a spiritual awakening. Overcoming the confines of the ego, and fostering love and peace are often artists’ ultimate quest in life. 

Artists being Spiritual—Coincidence 1

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#4 Better Advisor or Counsellor 

Artists look deeper into things. And this enables them to see things others don’t. Their ability to dig deeper is what makes them a valuable confidant. Old souls are known to be better advisors because of their wisdom. It is not a burden for them to advise those in need. People find your solutions and prediction of outcomes rather amazing. 

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

#5 Highly intuitive, introspective and thoughtful

Like old souls, Artists tend to think a lot about everything. An artist must get enough space and time to think, introspect, and develop more self-realization. Unlike others, an artist’s “old soul” easily tunes into his intuition and listen to his inner voice as a reliable guide to what is right. Plus, they often pick up guiding signs from the universe that others would miss entirely. 

#6 A different set of Looking glass

Artists being old souls, enjoy life in their poetic way. They take time to enjoy the way the wind dances through the trees, a beautiful sunset or sunrise. An Old Soul also takes time to contemplate life. For an artist, the striking beauty of a piece of art is something to ponder on. The words of a writer mean even more vivid to an old soul. Artists believe there is so much in life to stop, appreciate, and reflect on—just like an old soul.

They have a soft corner for old-vintage literature as if it almost takes them to another frame of time. 

#7 Tend to Overthink

This goes without saying. If you are reading this article then I am sure you are already overthinking about your existence; if not other things. Artists are highly imaginative and vivid daydreamers—in other words, “Overthinkers”. 

Channel your thoughts and calm yourself. You need to have some space of your own. Maybe some indoor plants can help!

#8 Struggle with anxiety in social situations

Put the tendency to overthink alongside uprightness and empathy, and you have perfect ingredients for social anxiety. This is often the reason that artists seem to be anti-social. Even though old souls, like artists, are confident, calm people, social situations are complex and tiring for them. Having elements like fragile egos, etiquette, boundaries, reciprocity, insecurities, they often prefer being left by themselves. Having said that, when old souls do find someone they connect with or find interesting, they tend to form strong and intense connections quite quickly.

#9 Always ready to learn and adapt

Making the same mistake over and over is a sign of madness, but artists aren’t the type of person to let this happen. An old soul like an artist is never afraid to accept when things go wrong and learn from it to avoid walking down the same undesirable path again.

An artist can adapt to new situations because they understand that ‘change’ is a fundamental part of life. 

#10 Tend to see the bigger picture

Artists don’t always need to know how, but always know why or what you are doing. They see from a higher perspective when approaching life. Old Souls often found the least interest in the superficial details. Gaining degrees, job promotions, social prestige, or better iPhones are mere ordinary things to them. Instead, they strive to find the wisest and most meaningful way of living. 


All my fellow artists out there if anyone ever told you that you are wise beyond your years, or if they come to you for advice—you might be the old soul in your circle of friends. Wondering why you seem to be the odd one out? Well, it’s not a bad thing. Robert Frost, Eckhart Tolle, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo da Vinci, and even Nick Jonas have been called Old Souls. Having an old soul is a blessing. It allows you to live a deeply rich life and give you the feeling of being content.  

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