The traits of artists are many. Are you concerned about what are the traits that make you an artist? 2020 has brought a lot of perils on earth unannounced. Artists are known to be sensitive and anxiety-prone. Probably that’s why it is often a matter of concern if you have the skills and traits of artists.

Fret not! If you have found this then, I am sure you hold all the traits of artists. Though the science of creativity remains in a haze to date, a certain study has shown (2014) that the artist’ brains are fundamentally different than that of others. Well, doesn’t that make us artists feel special!

Here are 10 traits that make you an artist: 

Daydreaming is livelier than Reality

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova
Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova

One of the most common traits of artists is daydreaming. Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings and submerges them in a visionary fantasy plain. All artists are known to dwell in their imagination. They love to live in their own bubble where their contact with reality is blurred and yet ever-so-more prominent. Daydreaming allows visualizing one’s ambitions. I for one have lived all my dreams in detail during numerous daydreams and still do.

Messy Room straitens Mind

It may not be a thumb rule but sometimes artists are too lost in their minds to clean their rooms. This trait of artists may not be common to all but we sure know a lot of them who are like that. Or for some, a messy room is not really as it seems to the other people. Every article lying around out of their dedicated space is telling a story to the artist. Yes, you heard me right! 

Needs a lot if Own Space and Time

This is perhaps one of the most common traits of artists no matter which century are they from. As much as adventurous artists are, they need a lot of time by themselves. That’s when the magic happens. So while the word is all caught up with the word “introvert” and “extrovert”, an artist stands somewhat in between—an “ambivert”. Interacting with others generates the creative juices flow.

On the other hand, retreating to a quiet place allows exploring these sources of creativity and creating new things.

10 Traits that make you an Artist in 2020
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Intuition is an Artist’s Superpower

The list of the traits of artists goes long but this one is more of a superpower that just a trait. While the sixth sense is an illusion to many, artists can read the room with ease. This trait of artists makes them very intelligent beings, even if their behavior is naïve. Creative people are smart, but they can maintain their sense of wonder, curiosity, and ability to look at the world with fresh eyes.

So think before lying to an artist as they can read you through; even if they do not call you out. 

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Fewer regards for society and norms

This trait of artists is something that many fear and yet perhaps the most commendable one. The so-called norms of society are out of the understanding level of artists. Being “out-of-the-box” thinkers, artists often come off a little bit rebellious; if not a full-blown one.

It is as if almost impossible to be truly creative without having first internalized cultural norms and traditions. Among the other traits of artists, being rebellious is the one that makes you a great artist and sets you apart. They can appreciate and even embrace the past, yet seeking new and improved ways of doing things. So if you are finding it hard to blend in with others, remind yourself, “you are born to stand out”. Own it! 

10 Traits that make you an Artist in 2020
Photo by Alise AliNari

Obsessive and suffering from Anxiety

Now that we have talked about many positive traits of artists, maybe it is time to consider a rather negative one. This is a downside of being super-sensitive and having a hyperactive mind. Artists become obsessed with not only their art but almost anything that catches their minds.

Artists can over-think the hell out of any small situation what-so-ever and that can lead to anxiety in many cases. This is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with carefully.

Being an artist, you are probably feeling overwhelmed on so many levels during this pandemic. The outburst of nature, unrest among people, so many people diseased and dying—everything that 2020 brought upon is affecting an artist more deeply than others can imagine. However, it is paramount that you remind yourself about the bright sides of life. Contact a loved one or just put up a message on your social media.

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Create something, just anything, and never underestimate your potential. 

Artists are Ruled by mood 

Who has not heard about the mood-swings of an artist? It is inevitable given all the emotional turmoil they go through. Creativity cannot be forced. One can work for 48 hours straight or even more; whereas sometimes weeks or even months can pass by without one single piece of creation. Artists channel their surroundings intensely and that affects their mood tremendously. Their approach to work is almost mystical. The deep joy in producing a work that means a great deal to them matters the most. So do not be put off by the salty mood of an artist. Give them some space and probably something to eat. Chocolate maybe?

10 Traits that make you an Artist in 2020
Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Procrastination is just another process

Avid daydreaming often causes a dilemma of actually doing something. However, it is not necessarily a negative trait. The time they spend procrastinating is actually well utilized in their minds to figure out the best way to do the job in hand. It can also often be combined with self-doubt, however. In that scenario, learn to forgive yourself and give in to it for a few hours or days because this is usually part of the process. Take it from a fellow artist; your creativity can not be tamed in a regular 8-5 routine. Embrace the process and make sure to get back to work with more power.

Honest to the Core

Now, this can be tricky. You can often find that an artist makes the best liar but yet they are the most honest. Let me break it for you. They are not a constraint and can actively imagine any situation. Hence, they can lie and not get caught because, in their minds, they have probably lived the same and accept it as a reality.

This may not be considered as one of the primary traits of artists but sure worth mentioning. Truth be told, there have been times when I have lied about a stomach ache to get out of something and have actually got one the very moment. Artists have to be honest as creativity can’t flow with tied up emotions. You will rarely see an artist being dishonest. Clear consciousness is a must for creativity and art, and therefore, artists are honest to the core. 

Natural Seekers 

Artists tend to take everything that exists very seriously. This trait of artists can make them come off as carefree and light-hearted, but there is no creative being living who doesn’t seek the meaning of their existence. Artists seek meaning in even the most mundane tasks. That is probably why they find it difficult to do something they don’t care about much. If an artist can’t find meaning or inspiration in something, they are probably not going to get the work done right.

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The traits of artists may vary from one to another but even in 2020 and the ongoing pandemic artists possess the power to stand out, if governed by positive attributes. Over and all, the message of the day is—When all hell breaks loose, all you need is to brighten your inner torch. Embrace your every quirk and try to stick with the positive edge. 

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