As the popularity of Mandala Art Keeps soaring high even in 2020, DArtisians have rounded up 13 artists acing mandala art on Instagram. Having a look at their Instagram feeds left us awestruck for sure. If you Are looking for inspiration to create your own mandalas, do have a look.

Now before we move forward, let’s get a brief knowledge about Mandala. 

Mandala Art In a Nutshell

A Mandala is a complex abstract design. It can be carefully measured, geometric, and perfectly symmetrical, or in contrast, free-flowing, organic, and asymmetrical. Though they are often drawn in circles but can also be drawn in different shapes. 

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle” or “center.” It has remained a spiritual symbol in Hindu and Buddhist traditions for many centuries. Mandala has evolved a lot in these years. Carl J. Jung, Swiss psychiatrist first introduced the practice of creating mandalas to the West for self-expression, discovery, and healing. In Jung’s daily practice of creating mandalas, he discovered how his drawings changed as his mental and emotional states changed. 

Mandalas have been used as art therapy and since the primeval times it has been considered both therapeutic and symbolic. It has many qualities such as unity, wholeness, perfection, and divinity and has been prevalent in most cultures around the world. The center of the mandala represents our spirit or awareness. Colors and shapes in the mandala are significant and meaningful. With each stroke, color, and shape, the mandala is not only a work of art but is truly a part of the artist. A mandala’s special message is said to bring clarity and peace to a busy mind. 

Creating mandala helps in various ways:

• Relaxes the body and mind 

• Cultivates the feeling of happiness, inner peace, and general well-being

• Eases stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, fear, and depression

• Activates creativity and improves focus

• Enhances self-esteem and self-acceptance

In the modern age, we have the privilege to create mandala even digitally with the help of various software (MandalaMakerMandalaGaba, etc). If you are willing to experiment with shapes and colors, then these softwares are extremely simple and user friendly. 

No prior knowledge or specific skills are necessary. The devitalise means allow you to draw mandala by adjusting the number of sectors in the circle, choosing the appropriate background, brush colors, and line width. Drawing mandalas online is a great way to focus attention, establish some ‘space’ in the mind and spirit, and meditate.

Listen to the relaxing music and bring a sense of harmony and creativity into your life with these 13 mandalas:

Natasha Punjabi (Instagram Id: @natangle_)

Exquisite mandala Artists to Inspire You

Through the above piece of art, the artist depicts her love for free flowing mandalas. As she describes it, “This particular one is a free flow mandala of my mind; which breaks all the barriers of any thought processes, limitations, worries and stress. Mandalas help connect with yourself, free yourself, rebuild yourself. This piece is an artistic representation of free expression”.

Aleksandra Andrejevic (Instagram Id: @dada.draw33)

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Hear the Serbian artist, 

Metatron’s Cube is 2-dimensional geometric figure created from 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. Six circles are placed ina a hexagonal pattern around a central circle, with six more extending out along the same radial lines. Metatron’s Cube shares 2-D resonance with the Flower of Life. It is a sacred geometric figure.
Its name makes reference to Metatron, a figure mentioned only in apocryphal texts including the Book of Enoch or Seder Hekhalot and the Zohar. The texts second only to YHVH in the hierarchy of spiritual beings. The derivation of Metatron’s Cube from the tree of life, which Talmud clearly states was excluded from human experience during the exile from Eden, has led some scholars including Johann Andreas Eisenmenger to portray Metatron as the means by which humanity was given knowledge of YHVH. Presumably implying that study of Metatron’s Cube would be necessary to understand the tree of life.

Priyanshi Kumar (Instagram Id: @_.l.i.l.i.u.m._)

priyanshi kumar min

Here the artist dedicated this mandala to Lord Shiva. As she quoted, “Lord Shiva is ideal for many and so as for me. I thought of creating Mandala in it so that i can relate the two of them. Mandala makes your soul calm because it’s an art of meditation. And when I create mandala I feel more passionate and dedicated towards my work. Mandala art also helped me to overcome my panic attacks”.

Sakshi Gupta (Instagram Id: @nakshbysakshi)

sakshi gupta min scaled

The above mandala is inspired by the International Yoga Day celebration.

Here The artist made this mandala using few notable elements: Surya Namaskar, lotus, tree of life, eye. As she describes it, “I chose the colours in my work of asanas depicting the following meanings:

• White – It symbolizes purity, peace, goodness, cleanliness, neutrality• Sky blue – Colour of spiritual quests and peace. 

• Orange- An enthusiastic colour which increases harmony, affection and abundance. 

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• Yellow- Colour of wisdom and emotions. It energizes, relieves depression & improves memory. 

• Red- This colour is connected with energy, will power, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing and evil. 

• Pink- It symbolizes romance, love and friendship along with the female qualities and encourages passivity. 

• Teal- Colour of gentleness, calmness and serenity (of blue) and strength, growth and high-spiritedness (of green). 

• Dark Blue- It represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. 

• Green-This colour symbolizes harmony and abundance in nature, growth and regeneration, life-giving fertile energy and the promise of eternity. 

To sum up, I would say that if you want to have control over life, then learn to connect your mind and body in sync with your breath; that is what yoga teaches us.”

Vanshika Gupta (Instagram Id: @whenshe_doodles)

vanshika gupta min scaled

This gorgeous mandala is made by an artist who claims to be self-taught. Well we sure would like her to teach others her craft.

The mandala artist depicts her love for black and white intricate mandalas. As she quoted, “My mandala journey started in boring college lectures, when I doodled random patterns on the last pages of my notebook. And then I became so hooked that I couldn’t stop! I started exploring more and came to know about mandalas. I started my Instagram page in Nov 2018 to share my work with every oneand I love to make black and white intricate mandalas.”  

Khyati (Instagram Id: @chaotic_artbook)

chaotic artbook min

The above mandala is based on “butterfly”. The thought behind it, “don’t let the darkness engulf you, shine through the light”.

Subhiksha Murali (Instagram Id:

subhiksha murali min

Here the artist depicts that  life is ultimately a limitless beautiful circle. As she describes it, “We all have different perspectives but for me mandala represents the idea of wholeness of life. The different layers of mandala showsdifferent stages of life. Every time we enter the next layer or the stage, life has a bigger circle of events and experiences for us so that we learn and grow as individuals”.

Asmita Sikdar (Instagram Id: @asmitaarts)

asmita sikdar min

The artist depicts Buddha through her mandala, the epitome of calm and peace. As she describes it, “I started doing mandala to calm my mind. This work of mine shows mediating buddha which is a symbol of calmness.  So this work always reminds me of who i am why istarted drawing mandala and keeps me grounded and motivated.”

Devasmita Garai (Instagram Id: @n_idlemindcreation) 

Devasmita garai min edited 1

This mandala depicts the imagination of nature and its core. If you look on the surface it is a beautiful art but if you take a closer look, you will find how the smallest creations are creating a balance to give that perfect look. Unless those minute details are addressed and nurtured, nature cannot sustain its beauty.

Samruddhi Karnik (Instagram Id: @samruddhi_karnik06)

samruddhi min

The above mandala art is inspired by the Scratch Art Technique. The artist shared, “Scratch Art is a unique manner of art in which the artist carves a drawing on a solid surface by scratching with sharp objects. Originally, there were carvings and engravings in woods, stones and metals but with time,there was the discovery of Scratchboard Art. A Scratchboard Art is an art technique which uses a board having black surface. This is more difficult than drawing since you need a good grip at the scratching tool and the designs have to come intricate. You can scratch and draw anything you want and since my area of interest is Mandalas I decided to go for it”.  

Diksha Bera (Instagram Id: @dcreative.doodler) 

diksha bera min

Here the artist curated this mandala inspired by JELLYFISH MERMAID. She describes it saying, “There are a million fish in the sea but I’m a Mermaid. A mermaid does not fear the depths, for she is no stranger of the darkness and cold. It was the darkness that made her scales shine so brightly, and it was the cold that made her heart so warm. She does not fear the deep, for she has been to the bottom and knows that she can Rise. This is purely inspired by a great artist, SassanFilsoof. The moment I saw her Jellyfish mermaid on Pinterest, I knew that I’m gonna try it in my style and so here it is.”

Astacreate (Instagram Id: @astacreate)

astacreate min

Astacreate is an art page consists of five friends. They have shared this beautiful mandala with DArtisians. In the above mandala, here the artist depicts that nature has always been the greatest source of inspiration for artists. The artists quoted, “The patterns and symmetry we see in traditional mandalas are seen everywhere in nature. Cacti plants thrive and bloom in the harshest of conditions and by incorporating these beautiful plants into our mandala, we want to remind everybody that we have the strength to survive everything that life throws at us.”

Riya Kumari (Instagram Id: @art_.ville)

riya kumari min

Mandala is a visual representation of the universe. The artist here depicts Hope through the above mandala. She shared, “mandalas are intended to deliver wisdom and evoke feeling of calm and channelling focus or concentration. Pursuing a hobby is a perfect way to bring meaning to life if not it would  probably  be dull. My passion led me to do this, it provides new hope to live and experience life. Putting meaning in this art isn’t so easy. Mandala painting is like women, you’ll never enjoy their company until you understand them”.


Today mandalas are very popular. They are used in tattoo design, interior design, “art therapy”, and help to get closer to the fulfillment of desires. Play with your favoritemandala designs, use them for any sphere of life.

 The true meaning of each mandala is specific to the individual. These beautiful mandalas will surely inspire you and stir your imagination. Hope we have inspired you enough to begin your journey of enlightenment in the world of the mandala.

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