This week, DArtisians caught up with one of our favorite dance influencers, Sanchari Biswas, founder of Layataal over a virtual coffee. 

Sanchari is an extremely passionate, energetic and graceful dancer and loves to create good content for her audience. Her Instagram (@layataal_) feed is filled with her amazing dance videos to inspire you. 

The Inspiring story of a 22-year-old girl pursuing dance as her career

She has also established a YouTube channel in the beginning of 2019. Her videos have created quite an impression across social media. Check out her latest dance videos.

In the candid conversation, Sanchari shared her journey of dancing and her thoughts over the age-old misconceptions people have about a dancing career and a lot more. 

At a very young age, she has decided to pursue a career in dancing. So, if you’re someone who is dreaming of a career in dancing then keep on reading to get more insights on her journey or what challenges this 22-year-old Bengali girl had to face for pursuing dance as her career. 

22-year-old Bengali girl pursuing dance as her career

Q. Who or what inspired you to become a dancer? How did you get started with the world of dancing? 

To be very honest I started dancing when I was very young when I was two or three years old. So the only person who inspired me to dance was my mother. In fact, she is still my inspiration and inspires me every single day to move forward with dancing. I come from a family where there is a lot of dancing and singing involved. It was my mother who pushed me into dancing and I don’t remember when I fell in love with dancing.

    I started dancing as I said at a very tender age. The journey has been really long and a wonderful experience. I still remember the first time I got on the stage I was so nervous. To be honest I don’t remember what was going inside my mind at that time because I was just three. I started with freestyle Bollywood from where I went up to explore Indian classical, Kathak, western classical, jazz ballet.

22-year-old Bengali girl pursuing dance as her career

Q. What do you like about dancing? 

What I love about any art is that one can express one’s self very easily. All you have to do is put all that is going inside your mind into your art form and the work is done.

22-year-old Bengali girl pursuing dance as her career

What I love about dancing is, I can express myself very casually without thinking much with I’m dancing. I dance when I’m happy, I dance when I’m not happy even when I’m angry. It just helps me calm down, know my world better, know myself better.

Q. There are a lot of misconception people still have about a dance career. What is your lookout in this? 

 Being a dancer I had to go through several challenges and I’m still going to a lot of challenges. What I feel is that art form, be it any art form, even today, does not get the amount of respect it is supposed to get. Dancing has a very important role to play here. Yes, there are a lot of misconceptions about dancing, about choosing dancing as a career option. But what I believe is, the only way to rub all these misconceptions is just to believe in your art form, walk about with it, have fun with it, explore it and excel in it. That’s it. Your work is done. 

Q. According to you what education or skills are needed to be a professional choreographer or dancer? 

 What I feel is that every individual must have the basic education which is required to live a life independently. But if you’re talking about being a dancer, a professional dancer, then I strongly believe that he or she must have good knowledge about what he or she is imparting.

22-year-old Bengali girl pursuing dance as her career

Q. What is most challenging about a dancing career and what is most rewarding? 

I believe any profession has its own set of challenges and rewards. This is not career-specific. But if you talk about being a dancer then most challenging would be the competition that is there throughout. Like you will have to be the best of the best and the only way to solve this problem is to keep on exploring yourself, gather knowledge and the most important would be to love what you are doing and I’m sure you’ll get your rewards.

Q. Do you consider dancing for your full-time career or you have other plans?

I’m very much in a plan to take up dancing as a full-time career. Yes, there will be challenges but I am ready for them.

22-year-old Bengali girl pursuing dance as her career

Q. What is your favorite kind of music to dance to? 

A dancer needs a music, that’s it. But still my favorite category would be the one without lyrics and just an instrument which is being played because I feel that those kinds of music help you to convey your feelings the way you want to.

Q. Who’s your dance idol and why? 

 My idol would be my dance gurus. They have inspired me so much. It is they who have helped me shape myself into what I am today, it is they who have helped me become a dancer and I owe a lot to them.

22-year-old Bengali girl pursuing dance as her career

Q. Tell us your one memorable dance performance till now.

I remember performing at Fort William. Being able to perform in front of the men and women in uniform, so many constables, so many people from the army, so many respected personalities right in front of me looking at me was itself a great pleasure and an honorable moment for me as a dancer.

Q. Tell us about your YouTube journey. How did you prepare for opening a YouTube channel?

22-year-old Bengali girl pursuing dance as her career

Opening a YouTube channel of my own was a very sudden decision. I was suddenly caught up with the feeling that I really had to do something in life and I really had to take things in my hands and most importantly I had to give justice to my love for dance and hence the channel. It is not to forget that my best friend, who has been my best friend since 12 years has a huge contribution in this channel. It was him who had helped me gather the courage to start something of my own. Currently, we are working together.

Q. What advice would you give someone dreaming about a dance career? 

I would just advise him or her to stick to the goals, never to lose hope, and to always remember that if one path gets closed then the other shall open. But that shall only happen if you put in the correct amount of hard work and dedication that is needed.

Q. What are your dreams/ultimate goals? Where is this path heading for you?

 My ultimate goal is to establish myself as an individual and my primary goal is to give my institution, Layataal, a good place in this world. And all I can do to achieve my goal is to work hard with all the dedication possible so that I can make my parents proud.

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