As the popularity of Digital Art soaring high in the market, we’ve rounded up 5 artists acing digital illustration on Instagram in this article. Have a look, and feel the power of Illustrations. If you’re looking for inspiration, especially in the field of digital illustration, then you should definitely check out the work of these 5 digital artists’ Instagram. 

Spoiler alert:

They are all women artists and spreading love in a not-so-loving world.

Now before we move forward, let’s get a brief knowledge of Digital Illustration.

Digital Illustration in a nutshell

Digital Illustration is the new age art form that artists have discovered in the quest to tell their stories constrained only by the limits of their imagination. As technological tools continue to become more intuitive and affordable, the field of Digital Illustration is giving wings to the artists to create, entertain, and inspire an increasingly global audience.

There are many free and affordable software available and the all you need is to grab a tablet and paint.

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The 90’s show defining Friendship till now

Here are the 5 artists who are illustrating love with their digital illustrations. Each one of them depicted love with a different set of glasses and I promise that you would love them all.

#Aditi Aggarwal (Instagram-Id:

DArtisians feature Instagram artist

Oh! the sweet memories. They say the memory of love is more infectious than that of the actual feeling. Only If I had a nickel for every time I had proof!

Through this illustration above Aditi depicts that sometimes it’s not the moments that we enjoy, but it’s the illusions that we live into. As she describes it, “Love and intimacy might be permanent for some, or some might feel it, but for some, it’s just an illusion. Love is an emotion. It can fade away just like the sunrise, on the arrival of the moon and darkness. Nothing lasts forever.” 

Her Instagram feed is awe-inspiring. You should definitely check out the work of this digital artist. 

#Debarati De (Instagram-Id: @dee_doodler)

DArtisians feature Instagram artist

Now jumping from the illusion of love onto a magical evening spent with your love. This illustration captures the essence of happy and tranquil evenings in summer. There’s love, music, wine, and peace. And there’s someone to share it with.

This talented artist’s Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous digital illustrations to inspire you. Do check her account. 

#Sanchari Acharya (Instagram-Id: @sanchari_illustrationart)

DArtisians feature Instagram artist

Well, Bengalis know how to love and a girl in saree is sure wins all hearts. Through this illustration, the artist’s depiction of love goes beyond just two people. Love has no cultural boundaries, race, or religion. The one thing binding this gorgeous couple is their love for Kolkata. The peek of the city of joy in the background celebrates the couple as one.

Follow Sanchari on Instagram for more amazing digital illustrations.  

#Tiyasa Mukherjee (Instagram-Id: @ _kaaju_barfi_ / Facebook Id: Tiyasa Kaaju Mukherjee)

DArtisians feature Instagram artist

This illustration shows the quiet moments that you dream of to spend with your loved ones. I am sure you also have dreamt about such moments or if lucky enough, have spent them with your partner. “Where there will be calmness, where their hands will meet and bougainvillea will create an essence of beauty and happiness”, explained by the lovely artist.

Explore more of her illustrations on Instagram and Facebook. Get inspired!

#Swastika Dey ( Instagram-handle: @biplobi.beraal ) 

DArtisians feature Instagram artist

A slight discomfort might arise when you see this picture or maybe two homosexual humans being affectionate. The artist’s thought behind this illustration is “Nothing is sweeter than our innocent sin”.

The colored glasses of the society has bent our spines enough to make our heads tamper and distort the mere feeling of love. Alas! love is love (As they chanted).

Take a look at her Instagram feed for more beautiful illustrations with incredibly inspiring concepts. 


Amazing Digital Illustration artworks created by these artists will surely inspire you and stir your imagination. You can also try your hands on digital art. All you need is a passion to learn these techniques. Learn from Digital illustration tutorials and get going!

Tell us in the comments which one do you like the most.

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  1. Absolutely amazing and every painting and the stories behind every painting are so different from one another ❤️

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