A doodle is a form of rough drawing, much like scribbles. Have you ever found yourself listening to something really boring, then riding off into your mind, and start doodling random things on a piece of paper? Well, artists nowadays have given doodle a new identification. It’s not just a mere drawing activity, but also has a depth of meaning and style.

We’ve picked 7 amazing doodle artists of Instagram who will make you want to scribble (doodle) right away – their Instagram feed will leave you awestruck for sure.  

Now before we move forward, let’s get a brief knowledge about Doodle Art.

Doodle Art:                

Doodles can be shapes, patterns, drawings, or scribbles, puzzling with full of abstract images just like our dreams. Doodles are like particles of a map that show how someone’s mind worksIt’s a fun way of expressing yourself but is also an interesting way of experimenting and learning to draw. Doodles give a unique insight into your artistic style.

The best part about doodle is it’s not subjected to any particular topic, it can be candid, funny, meaningful, meaningless rather anything.

Medical research has shown that doodles can reveal what is going on in the unconscious. Doodling helps to get over boredom and frustration. Doodling is an important way to relax, stay focused, and achieve better mental health.

Doodle isn’t a newfound art form. Have you heard about the cave painting? it’s one of the oldest styles of doodle art, long before anyone even knew the letters and writings. Now doodle art style has been widely in use as one element in graphic design, you can see in billboards for mobile advertising, TV, magazine, etc.

In fact, there is Doodly, the first and only doodle video creation software to allow anyone, regardless of technical or design skills to create professional, realistic doodle videos in minutes. 

Here are 7 doodle artists expressing their unique insights into their doodle art:

Khushboo Gupta (Instagram Id: @doodle_dabba)

7 Inspiring Doodle Artists

Here the Artist dedicated this art to the famous artists Frida Kahlo. As she quoted, “So I always wanted to study this artist and was curious to know about her life and why is she famously called a revolutionary artist of her time. As I went through her biography, I got to know about her vivid personality and what a great artist she was. This specific artwork is referred from her last painting called ‘viva la Vida’ where she has done a life study of watermelons and written on one of them is viva la Vida.”

You’ll be amazed to witness outstanding artsy content in her Instagram feed. Explore more of her artworks on Instagram. Get inspired!

Paramita Chakraborty (Instagram Id: @akibuuki)

7 Inspiring Doodle Artists

Here the artist portrays a bunch of foodies on the canvas, dedicating to all the foodies. She quoted, “People just love food right. So I’ve created this doodle art all in kawaii(Japanese word, used to describe people and things as cute). This looks delish and gives a great vibe to the food lovers like me.” 

Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful artworks to inspire you. Do check her account.

Priyanka Swaminathan (Instagram Id: @illustrate_with_wabisabi)

7 Inspiring Doodle Artists

The above Doodle art is based on the theme “Inclusion”. As the artist quoted, “I imagine a society that encourages inclusiveness and diversity. A society that doesn’t discriminate regardless of our color, race, or gender but solely thrives on excellence and compassion. My doodle also forms the letters of inclusion and the background denotes an important day for persons with disabilities i.e 3rd December in roman numerals”.

She speaks her heart out through her abstract themed conceptual art. Go check her Instagram account for beautiful artworks. 

Shalini Bharti (Instagram Id: @girl_that_doodle)

7 Inspiring Doodle Artists

 The artist has made this doodle art upon “The Festivals Of India” for Redbull Doodle art competition which she shared with DArtisians. She made this very piece of art thinking of the Unity in Diversity that India is famous for.

You’ll be awe-struck to see beautiful doodles on her Instagram Feed. Take some inspiration and paint down your thoughts and who knows you’ll come out with something beautiful and artistic. 

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Sardar Chandni (Instagram Id: @artbychaandni)

7 Inspiring Doodle Artists

Here the artist expressed her love for the famous Harry Potter series through this doodle art. As she quoted, “I am sure that Harry Potter has served as a door to a fantasy world for all of us. Creating this Harry potter theme-based doodle only made me fall in love with this series more than ever. Recreating art leads to observe the details which you may have missed earlier and for me art is all about observing things and creating them in your way.”

Check out her Instagram profile for more stunning artworks. 

Niharika Chauhan (Instagram Id: @_galaxy_thoughts_)

7 Inspiring Doodle Artists

The above Doodle art is based on “Happy Thoughts”. The artist here shared her well spent traveling experience with her friends on a beach trip of Maharashtra. As she quoted, “I tried to depict everything that we did in this small, like eating “vada pavs”, bike ride, beach clicks, and all. Doodles are the best way to share your thoughts”.

Her Instagram feed is filled with amazing artworks giving out positive vibes. You should definitely give a look at her Instagram profile. 

We love how these artists express themselves through the medium of art as it gives them the freedom to make complete use of their thoughts and creativity.

Namrata Dey (Instagram Id: @violet_brushes)

Doodle With Me|| Learn To Draw Plants: Simple doodle of Indoor Plants || Draw Easy Plant Doodles

This one is a DArtisians Special, featured on our YouTube. We made a side by side video for this garden doodle so that you can also get inspired and doodle something on your own. Do watch the video and let us know how you feel about it.



Everyone can doodle. Doodling is one way everyone – whether you’re an artist or not – can remain visual thinkers. This reminds me of a quote by Pablo Picasso, “All children are born artists; the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up”.

Hope we have encouraged you to turn your doodles into creative and interesting pieces of art. Dive into your imagination; grab a paper, pencil, and start doodling!

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