The best thing about being an artist is “you get to be your own boss”! Did you know that when we say “artists are unique” it isn’t just our opinion? It’s a scientific fact that “Artists have structurally different brains compared to non-artists”. The study revealed that artists have significantly more grey matter in the parietal lobe of the brain.

As a result, artists can manipulate visual images in the brain, combine them, and deconstruct them. Isn’t it flattering? 

As an artist, being able to wake up and look forward to my artworks give me immense satisfaction. One of the perks of being an artist is you get to express yourself through your art while, you can learn and grow endlessly. 

Here are 8 perks about being an artist, 

1. Art is the best way to Communicate

Being an artist gives you the ability to communicate on a profound level through your art. Artist gives voice to the intangible. It gives you the liberty to express your views, beliefs, opinions in front of the whole world through your work –be it your paintings, sketches, dance, songs, or any art form whatsoever.

Henry Ward Beecher once said, “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”. To create, artists share a bit of their soul into their creations –well what else can give you that pleasure?

8 Best things about being an Artist

2. Freedom to do what you love 

Everyone is capable of making art, expressing their creativity in some way. However, not everyone chooses to be an artist as a profession. It takes courage to pull the risk and stand for what you believe in. It’s good to take up the risk when you can get the freedom to do what you love and get paid for it!!

3. Artists are not bound by rules

 One of the perks of being an artist is you get to enjoy that creative liberty without any strict rules. Artists enjoy the satisfaction of working on something they love even if they work for someone. An artist knows to flow freely without being bound by any social restraints. They can think beyond any rules and norms.

 Creativity allows them to explore reality in a way that is often hidden in plain sight.
8 Best things about being an Artist
Photo by Retha Ferguson

4. Life is Bottomless

 Art invites you to move through the world, gazing and feeling from the heart. It gives you the power to notice things creatively that other people don’t. Every individual is full of imagination and fascination. But only a few possess the ability to express it to the world. Artists are capable of expressing their imagination in reality.

Artists are deeply indebted to the sensitivity as it allows them to live fully alive, to exist every day to the very core. There is no limit to senses and understanding.

8 Best things about being an Artist
Photo by Adrianna Calvo

5. Inspire people through Art

Artists are blessed with the skill of putting across a message through their art. As an artist, you can bring out any emotion using your artwork. You could make people inspired, excited, sad, happy, or motivated. You even get the credit and feedbacks for your artwork. 

And for an artist recognition and appreciation is what matters the most. Don’t you agree? 

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6. Artists are Confident

It is scientifically proven that art enhances brain function and plays a critical role in a child’s development. We all must have the memory of our kindergarten drawing hung on the fridge or wall by our parents to boost our self-esteem. It helps to instill pride, develop skills, increase test scores, and boost the feeling of belonging and attachment to a community. 

But what happened to our self-esteem after reaching adulthood?

Now let’s talk about science! Have you ever heard of Serotonin? Research has proven art develops neural system and raise serotonin levels. No matter what age you are, creating art increases the level of serotonin (associated with happiness).

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What is Happiness

A high level of serotonin gives a boost in self-esteem, confidence, and the feeling of worthiness. Doesn’t it make you feel special being an artist?

Well, if you want to be more confident, simply try to create more of your artworks.

7. Connecting with World

Artists get to share their experiences with other artists around the world without any legal boundaries. Art is not bound by any social, racial, or physical boundaries. An artist is open to the universe in the most vulnerable, yet powerful way. 

Whatever means we use nowadays to communicate, it is essentially a result of creativity. 
8 Best things about being an Artist
Photo by geralt

8. Artists are the Eyes of our world

Without art Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Pop Art from Keith Haring or Andy Warhol, Abstract Art from Pablo Picasso or Jackson Pollock, or any world-famous movie stars we adore would not have existed. Since any creation can be considered as art, we even wouldn’t have the privilege to use the iPod created by Steve Jobs. The good food you enjoy, the drinks you drown yourself—everything is an outcome of creativity and art. Research has shown that artists see the world and experience life differently. The world needs more people to look at life and problems from different angles. 

We need artists more to spread beauty through their art. 


Today the world needs more beauty in it, which means the world needs you. So, my fellow artists, ask yourself what can you create next to make this world a more beautiful place? 

These were just a few perks of being an artist. 

Now it’s your turn! What in your opinion is the best thing about being an artist? Do let us know.

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