Everyone –adults and children alike –has a creative type. But we often look over at our peers who are “creative types” and wonder why we didn’t have creativity. Surely you must have heard people saying, “Oh my god – you’re so creative! I wish I was creative like that”, “I wish I was more creative”, or “I’m not a creative person.” Which makes it sound as if creativity is an inborn gift, like the ability to sing, dance or paint.

Other times people say “I’m going to develop my skills and learn how to be more creative.” That makes it sound as if creativity is a skill that anyone can practice. So, which is it? Well, kind of both and kind of neither.

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?
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For some people, being creative means being an artist. So when they are unable to pull off any of artistic qualities, they don’t consider themselves creative. This concept of creativity is too shallow.

Being creative is a far wider concept than a piece of art. Think about what you can create, change, improve, initiate in your career and your life. These are other aspects of creativity. But what is creativity in the first place?

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?

Creativity isn’t some magical power; it’s something we’re all born with. Creativity is the act of connecting things in unexpected ways. You must not forget that it’s not about how creative you’re, it’s how you are creative.

There are 8 types of creative people in the world. You may not think of yourself as creative, but we all have an artistic flair in different ways. If you want to know what creative type you are, continue reading this article to learn more about the 8 types of creative people.

1.  The Artist

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?

With full of ideas and visions, this creative type has a lively spirit and a lot of enthusiasm. As an artist, you are creative, imaginative, independent, impulsive and sensitive.

You are a connoisseur of everything that is above the ordinary. Being an artist you crave beautifully designed environments. Not only do you value beauty as measured by the eye, but you are attracted also by beauty in other forms.

Your biggest enemies are self-doubt and insecurities. This type of people often struggles with depression, anxiety and more. Constantly searching for specific information and underlying meaning, artist types tend to explore between inner and outer worlds. You can create works that inspire others to see the world differently.

To know more about this type of creative people,

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2.  The Adventurer

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?
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 Adventurer types are imaginative, expressive, passionate, empathetic and artistic with a natural talent to entertain and inspire. You seek happiness through new experiences. You thrive to live everything in the first person and doesn’t wait to be told about it.

Adventurers are fueled with high energy and boundless enthusiasm. Your boundless energy pushes you in the pursuit of many hobbies, areas of study and artistic qualities.

You tend to take a variety of projects together as they don’t like to sit idly. To avoid anxiety adventurer keep themselves busy as they are highly claustrophobic and panic-stricken.

As an adventurer, you do your job with full of determination and intention. You tend to experience life in the present moment with deep gratefulness for what you have.

3. The Thinker

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?
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Thinkers possess various skills like observation, curiosity, introspection, analytical thinking and humility. Your sense of wonder and consciousness are your greatest gifts.

With your inquisitive mind, you are more content. You need alone time googling about something fascinates you.

Thinkers make their quest for knowledge and truth lifelong, driven by constant curiosity. All your critical questions and abstract thinking is creative thinking going on in that brain of yours!

Your biggest challenge is getting out of your head and learning to balance between your imagination and reality.

4. The Producer

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?
Photo By Andrea Piacquadio

This type of creative person is highly analytical, pragmatic, dynamic with an unstoppable attitude. With strong leadership and communication skills, you know how to get things done and how to make everyone work together. You value ideas that have potential and can be turned into something creative yet entertaining.

Your biggest strength is your ability to keep focus and a calm mind when you work through any challenges that may arrive during the creative process.

Being goal-oriented and results-driven, you take complete pride and satisfaction from your ability to implement ideas. You know very well how to inspire and motivate people around you. 

Your greatest challenge is channelling your productivity in a deeper sense of purpose. Use your intuition as a source of guidance and embrace your creative depths in life.

5. The Maker

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?
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The maker types are associated with problem-solving, completing projects; developing systems, structures, tools and innovations that the rest of us rely on. This type of people has mastered the art of manifesting ideas and visions.

Driven, focused and dedicated to the creative process, makers assess the environment around them and make necessary changes to stay one step ahead.

Makers tend to excel in these types of creative fields –design, crafts, architecture, business and technology that have an artistic touch. Your biggest challenge is to connect more deeply with your intuition and emotions to ensure more authenticity in your work.

6. The Dreamer

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?
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This creative type is filled with lofty imagination, creative ideas, and ambitions. In your eyes, the world is beautiful and mystical. You believe failures and disappointments are all inevitable realities of fulfilling any dream. With a clear vision, you have the ability to fulfill your ultimate goal.

 As a dreamer, you’re the quintessential idealist and romantic with a deep sense of emotion, intuitiveness. You derive great joy to roam your inner world of fantasies, emotions, and thoughts.

Your greatest gift is your understanding of sensitivity and empathy. It allows you to help others on a profound level. Whereas your biggest challenge is to learn balance dreaming so that you don’t forget the taste of reality.

Let your mind roam free and practice mindfulness to turn your dreams into reality!

7. The Innovator

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?
Photo by Kaboompics.com

Innovators tend to be better at identifying problems and solving problems than other types. In the eyes of innovators, everything is possible and in progress.

As an innovator, you are passionate, proactive, persistent, and filled with wild ideas. You come up with all sorts of revolutionary ideas and pave the path into the future as a pioneer, helping the rest of us learn to adapt to unpredictable changes in the course of life.

Innovators crave new and complicated experiences. They always try to have as much variety as possible in their lives. You are a natural risk-taker. You are not afraid of exploring unknown territories. Being an innovator, you like to experiment with your work rather than dwelling on age-old traditional ways.

8. The Visionary

There Are 8 Types Of Creative People In The World: What Are You?
Photo by Sarah Trummer

This type of creative person is highly empathetic, passionate, and full of artistic ideas. In the eyes of a visionary, the world is filled with infinite possibilities. Your introspective and intuitive nature helps you in developing strategies to achieve the ultimate goal.

Have you ever noticed how some people can connect with you in a way that you feel comfortable instantly?

Visionary types possess great emotional intelligence that allows them to display exceptional empathy with people. Your biggest gift is the ability to see the potential of progress in everything and everyone and to inspire others to see it too.

As a visionary, you are charismatic and expressive who loves sharing ideas and visions around. Your greatest challenge is learning to take consistent action every day to create the future you envision.

You need to push yourself from the dreaming stage to make your vision real!

So, are you creative?

Your creativity depends on a lot of things –how you think, how you act, how you see the world. Your creative type may change at different points in your life or even at different stages of the creative process. Being a creative person, you probably have a little bit of all eight types inside you.

If you’re still wondering about what type you are, then take a fun quiz test designed by Adobe. If you haven’t taken Adobe’s creative types test yet, you’re in for a treat!

Take the test

Tell us your creative type in the comments below. 😉

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