Doodle artists across social media are inspiring a lot of budding artists to step into the doodle world. Vasundhara Bharech is one doodle artist who has found a way through Instagram to stand out in the saturated space of doodle art. She started her new art venture “doodle-it-up”, based in Kolkata, this year where she provides her customers personalized doodle pieces. 

In this article, you’ll see many examples of Vasundhara’s joyful doodle art. Her doodle pieces have different stylized shapes that are filled with fun patterns. She also explores alternative surfaces for her doodles, such as notebook, photo frame, coffee mug, water bottle, etc. 

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

While pursuing an MBA in finance, Vasundhara started exploring her creative side through doodling. Soon she realized perhaps this is something she always wanted to pursue. The intensity of her passion for art leads to her creative journey. 

Using primarily micron & brustro pen, her detailed abstract designs are striking for their playfulness, vibrance and neatness. 

Have a look at her Instagram feed filled with beautiful customized doodle pieces for each customer. Go grab your own! 

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“Every design is exclusive as every time I’ve to make something different to cater to each client, which involves a lot of patience. But in the end, the happiness and satisfaction of my customers make it all worth it.”

DArtisians caught up with this doodle artist from Kolkata in a virtual interview to learn more about her doodle journey. Read on for an inside look into Vasundhara’s creative process & forthcoming projects. 

1. Do you have any design related studies or are you a self taught?

Since my childhood days, I’ve always loved drawing, little did I know that it would become my passion. Early this year, I started exploring the creative side of me through doodling. It all started with few tutorials on youtube post which I attended few online workshops. I loved every bit of the class so I started practising on my own.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

2. How would you describe your art?

Doodle, in general is a very broad term and is perceived differently from person to person. For me it was about adding a personalised touch to a gift. I wanted to create and draw something based on the little details about the person and not just the name. So my art is something which is quirky, colourful, cute and most importantly customised.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

3. Tell us about your new art venture “Doodle-it-up”

“Doodle It Up” is about providing unique and budget friendly gifts to all. We make customised doodle based on about 10-15 favourite things of the person and combine all the details to create a complete artwork. These designs are then printed on different products like coffee mugs, notebooks, bottles, photo frames and many more.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

4. How long have you been doodling? When did you decide it was more than a hobby?

It’s been around 6-7 months since I made my very first doodle. I had started doodling during the initial days of the pandemic just to spend time doing something creative. My first complete artwork was for my mom where I got my doodle printed on the notebook cover. That was just the beginning of the journey as I received a lot of appreciation from my family and friends that it pushed me to start off my new creative venture.

5. What are the tools you use the most?

I use artist pens from Micron and Brustro for the outline and coloured brush pens from Camlin. For black and white doodle, I use white gelly pens from Sakura.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

6. Do you have a typical working process? Is there a lot of planning that goes into your each art piece or is it usually done as you go along?

I have a set template which I give to my customers for getting all the details from them. It basically includes questions like favourite food, holiday, sport, dialogue and things like that. Once I get the details, I have to initially plan how to doodle the things creatively. The rough draft or the planning takes the most amount of time and patience. Once I’m clear with that I start my final doodling.

7. How long does it actually take to create one of your pieces? 

It takes around 2-3 hours from the scratch that is planning the doodle story to the final execution on paper.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

8. What inspires you for each art piece you create? 

My soul moto of the doodle is to ensure that my artwork speaks about the person for whom it is made. It should have a meaning and the emotions around the person or their personalities should be reflected in my doodle.

9. What do you enjoy the most about being an artist? 

The fact that I’m able to use my creativity and put in so much of hard work by drawing each doodle differently is what gives me the maximum happiness. Also, when my work is appreciated it is equally overwhelming.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

10. How do you overcome any artist’s block you might have? 

Though, I haven’t had any artist’s block till now, if in case of any artist block, I would not just sit back and start feeling that I have lost my creativity and artistic ability, rather I would appreciate the new point of view. I always believe that interacting with people who have different experiences and viewpoints opens up our mind to new perceptions and one should always extract the best out of a criticism or a suggestion given to you.

11. Are any tactics particularly effective in helping you grow your customers online?

Nowadays, digital marketing has become an integral tool for buying and selling products. Yes, a number of strategies are helping me grow customers online. Supposedly, on instagram, building my community for potential clients, daily increasing engagement on my posts, defining the target market have helped me advertise my brand online and thereby increase awareness of my brand.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

12. Is there any dream client you’d like to work with or an ideal design project? 

I would really like to work with Google, Hindustan Unilever, ITC and other multinationals for their corporate gifting section which would boost my venture.

13. Any advice for aspiring artists who still haven’t discovered that unique style of theirs? 

My advice to all the artists out there is to follow your passion. Achieving your passion and doing what you love would yield excellent results. “There is no passion to be playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”- as said by Nelson Mandela.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

14. You’re doing some pretty amazing commissioned art pieces currently. How do you see your business evolving in the future?

My business has immense amount of potential and scope in the near future. Personalised gifting has been increasing at a fast pace as large number of customers focus on buying gifts that are exclusively designed to make loved ones feel special. Even though the purchasing power of people has increased, I believe people would still buy products that are unique and doesn’t pinch their pockets too. My products cater to both and I believe this will help me to grow in future.

A Quick Chat with doodle artist - Vasundhara Bharech

15. Any upcoming stuff you’re excited about?

I’m really excited about introducing some new products in my doodle bucket. I keep trying different mediums or products on which my design can be printed and very soon I’m planning to launch lap cushions and canvas pouches with my doodle designs. Hoping to get good response for these too.

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16. Lastly, any special message for DArtisians

I’ve been following your page since the day I created my Instagram page. I loved your blog  on “7 Inspiring Doodle Artists” where you had appreciated them for different artworks that they made. Just keep motivating artists like us as it will really push us to grow further.

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