Artists being Spiritual—Coincidence?

Artists being Spiritual—Coincidence 1

Artists are argued to be Spiritual. But is it an obligation? Or there is a play of the hand of Mother Nature? Artists define art as a conscious, interactive process between awareness and focus, which serves greater life. Spiritualism of an artist makes him believe in truth; and only the ultimate truth.

Artists are argued to dwell on spirituality often. But is it an obligation? Or there is a play of the hand of Mother Nature? No matter how strange the coincidence is the reality lies in plain sight. Spirituality is something that naturally comes to an artist due to the fundamental nature of them. Well, I for one believe that an Artist is a subtle combination of creativity and spirituality—both being debatable topics individually; however somehow these words when together bring no debate. Every living being has creativity—they solve the hurdle of life creating solutions without realizing it. Artists are people who simply have developed (or on the verge to develop) their creativity i.e. being aligned with a certain level of awareness, hence spiritual. 

In many ways, artists have proven them as spiritual leaders all around the world—Coincidence? Art creates a valuable bridge between the psychology of our minds and the universal spirit of humanity. True art reflects spiritual principles and values such as beauty, creativity, honesty, patience, generosity, and perseverance. 

Being an artist, your consciousness is an extension of universal consciousness –as if your heartbeat is part of the pulse of all life on the earth.
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A strong sense of connection to the cosmos binds you to your surroundings. To know more about an artist’s spiritualism or why artists are spiritual let’s first understand what spirituality is.

Spirituality is a wide concept with wiggling room for various aspects. Generally, it gives you a sense of connection to something bigger than yourselves. With clear consciousness and hunger for awareness, some seek meaning through their connections to nature or art. Spirituality delves you into a certain sense of aliveness and interconnectedness that makes you question the fundaments and significance of life. A spiritual practice is typically a solitary activity that helps you grow towards your highest self through contemplation and self-reflection. Your interpretation of spirituality may change throughout your life, adapting to your own experiences and relationships. 

Artists being Spiritual
Photo by Retha Ferguson

Is this art? Why is this good art? Am I an artist? What makes me an artist? How something irrelevant to others draws me in?—questions after questions cross the mind of an artist and the quest to find the answers makes an artist spiritually inclined. If you master yourself enough to experience a spiritual awakening, you get to embrace all the states of awareness. The awakened state offers you a clearer understanding of reality and illusion.

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The awakened energy or sensation moves through your body, heart, mind, and soul that transform you towards your truest way of expressing yourself and living your life.

Like spirituality, Art is also all about various perspectives. Let’s zoom into the facts of why artists are spiritual. FYI, Spiritual journey isn’t necessarily to be a journey of pilgrimage; it’s a process of going beyond your boundaries.

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There are certain inherent traits of artists that make them spiritual.

Even when I was just a kid, I refused to accept the given religious values and practices because I could not understand the depth of the rituals—or rather because my questions were not answered. With my life, I have felt that Artists are usually spiritual not religious. Artists believe in love and forgiveness and seek an answer that can satisfy the storm of questions inside them. They often turn down any phenomenon that is spoon-fed to them because, with their understanding of Mother Nature, they want to go on a spiritual journey. Artists are naturally connected to universal consciousness.

Artists being Spiritual
Photo by thevibrantmachine

Artists’ introvert nature leads to a sense of isolation making them feel more connected to nature. They are lone adventurers of nature –as if they could soak it all in and cannot miss a drop.  

There are no stereotypical rules in Artist’s world and the same sense of freedom binds spirituality.

Freedom and happiness are qualities you cultivate from within and the more you work on them the more they grow. Artists breathe into shadows. They lie in the shadows and wait to be found through their art. Each artwork has its own story to tell. Artists take us on a roller-coaster journey of emotions. Art is something that makes you breathe consciously with a different kind of happiness. All these basic traits that make you an artist also makes you spiritual. So it no coincidence that artists are spiritual; just co-existing factors. 

Artists being Spiritual
Photo by Retha Ferguson

The spiritual realm nourishes an artist’s abilities so far that it compels them to see the world with new eyes. Artists live their ordinary lives in a non-ordinary way. Their intuitive heart glides through the path of self-discovery and realization. 

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Being an artist your spiritualism fosters the progressive growth of your consciousness. Artists embrace their journey of life and destiny. Being spiritually inclined, overcoming the confines of the ego, and fostering love and peace are often artists’ ultimate quest in life. 


Artists have no fixed set of patterns to using spiritual practices in their work. They use art as a kind of moving meditation or contemplation journey. Being an artist, creativity is about surrendering something larger than you. The quest between Art to an Artist’s Faith is quite seamless—as if hidden from plain sight by a magic cloak. Artists define art as a conscious, interactive process between awareness and focus, which serves greater life. Spiritualism of an artist makes him believe in truth; and only the ultimate truth. 

What’s your take on Spirituality being an artist? How far did you reach in your spiritual journey? Tell us in the comments below. 

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