Suddenly the human race has developed a hype of Indoor Planting believing it to be enough to restore nature. People are googling about indoor planting, putting up YouTube tutorials on how to planting indoor plants or indoor gardening hacks, but why this sudden hype of indoor planting? Is it the urge to restore the imbalance in nature? More importantly, is it enough?

Indoor planting has definitely more to it than just a far cry. Living a busy urban lifestyle and spending an inordinate amount of time staring into lifeless screens, seem to be driving us to connect to Mother Nature. Lately, we’re all about greenery and everyone seems to be obsessed with having a balcony evolved with indoor plants.

Indoor planting is inexpensive yet stylish and therapeutic. It is the most effective way of bringing nature into our apartment lives.

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2020 has gotten off to a shaky start with a stretch of disastrous events. Mother Nature has been tapping on our shoulders these past few years and now it is high time that we listen. Today if you look around yourself, the earth is in a huge crisis. It’s no wonder that people have turned to indoor planting amidst the increasing fraught. It is embedded in all of us to seek solace in nature after all.

Creating more greenery helps to purify the air which leads toward a cleaner planet. Pollution isn’t any more an outside issue; it’s haunting us in the place we call “Home”.  Indoor planting not only helps in reducing pollution but also created a positive impact on our mental health and performance. Indoor planting can restore natural imbalance by improving the quality of the indoor environment.

Photo by Anastasia
Photo by Anastasia

House plants of all varieties can help reduce the negative effects of indoor pollutants. Indoor plants filter noxious gasses and freshen the air. Some good air purifying indoor plants include English ivy, Aloe vera, Spider plants, Syngonium, Peace Lily, Reed Palm, and Weeping Fig, etc. Pick up your favorite indoor plants and start creating your eco-friendly garden. Gardening and growing eco-friendly plants are something that everyone should think of as a daily activity. Each plant has its own significance and purification properties, which assists in creating a healthier nature. Moreover, gardening will give you mental and emotional hype. Embrace the jungle vibe!

Indoor planting not only provides the visual appeal but also helps to cultivate a greener lifestyle and healthy vibes for Mother Nature.

In today’s world not only we have messed up our relationships but also our relationship with nature. We are becoming separated and are living apart from our roots. We have truly forgotten what it means to walk lightly on the earth and treating it with love and respect. We are nature’s creations and it’s our solemn duty to protect it and maintain it’s equilibrium. When the doomsday clock is ticking upon us we should learn our lesson and reset our relationship with nature. Indoor planting sure cannot restore all and every imbalance of nature but sure can pave the path.


The extend of imbalance in nature is difficult to fix with just indoor planting but a chain of efforts in the direction is surely the stepping stone. Plant as many as you can and encourage others for not only mother nature but also for your own health.

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