As a housewife and a doting mother, working on your favorite activity may not seem as important as taking care of your family. A little bit of art or craft can become vital for feeding your mind, creativity, and soul. Dabbling in creativity has multiple perks and, in this case, it ended up creating a stunning Durga idol using just scraps. That’s not all! Santa Clause also got a place in her creative desk.

Today we’re sharing one such inspiring story of a housewife and mother who began her creative journey at 50!

Mother of Dartisians. Handcraft
Wall-Hanging Made of Waste Papers, Dried Leaves, Essence-Sticks’ Wastes

For Rekha Dey, life was no different than any other housewife of Kolkata. With the joy of completing every household responsibility, came baggage of unfulfilled personal aspirations. She never had a chance to recognize her creativity in the daily walk of life. She began channelizing her inner creativity in the Covid-19 lockdown. With an innate passion for art and craft and plenty of time on hand, the creative side of her has emerged in the form of DIY (do it yourself) arts and crafts activities.

Swans Made of Household Scraps

Being an art enthusiast, Rekha, who never had formal art training, started to learn new forms of art and craft using various digital mediums. Though the learning process began slowly, she made it a habit to surf the internet extensively researching various art.

In 2020, she has created multiple objects one by one just using whatever scraps she could find. She addressed all the festivities with her lovely handmade crafts—from Maa Durga to Santa Clause.

Dolphins handcrafted from waste materials
Dolphins Made of Scraps

Determined to recycle every object of the household, this mother has successfully created the entire Maa Durga family without buying a single item. Ending the year, she also included Santa in her collection. Secular India eh!!

Rekha started to look for scrap materials that her family members thought invaluable. She has always believed recycling is far better than tossing them out in the trash. Using all the old newspapers, magazines, kitchen trash, and even the empty bottles, she explored her creativity. During this lockdown, her love for recycling things got an edge!

Mother of Dartisians- Maa Durga
Mother Durga and Family Made of Scraps by Rekha Dey

Drawing inspiration from DIY videos on the internet she thought of creating an eco-friendly Durga idol in this Durga Puja with the firm belief that her little family can learn from her creativity to fight the concerns of landfills. After all, a mother is always teaching!

She created the Durga idol using paper, magazine cut-outs, using silver foil, and scrap materials that can be found in any home. Not only did she make an idol of Ma Durga, but she also sculpted the whole clan of the Mother Goddess. She handcrafted the vahan lion, Goddess Laxmi with her vahan the owl, Goddess Saraswati with her vahan the swan, Lord Ganesh with his vahan the mouse, Lord Kaartik with his vahan the peacock. She even utilized whatever colors were left in the color boxes, thrown out by her children.

With art & craft, Rekha celebrates creativity, whatever the medium is. She believes there are many dreams and aspirations that are linked to art, you just need to acknowledge them. She feels this is just the beginning of her creative journey – there are many more milestones to achieve.

Santa Clause handcraft dartisians
Santa Claus and Christmas Decorations Made of Scraps

Having a hobby is happiness beyond comparison; it gives us a sense of satisfaction and purpose when we get to share our creations with others. To all the women, especially housewives – “Don’t look at your age as a barrier. You are never too old to follow your dreams and passion.”

Christmas decoration handcraft dartisians
Dartisians Celebrated Christmas with All Handmade Decorations by Rekha Dey

How to do so, you can ask? In this digital era, there are plenty of work-from-home opportunities. Opt for online courses – they will help you gain relevant experiences and inspirations for starting your own journey. Even if one person gets encouraged to start or follow her passion after reading this inspiring story, the purpose will be fulfilled.

The journey for Rekha Dey has just begun and we are looking forward to seeing more amazing things.

DArtisians is also a result of this mother’s love for art. Confused?

We, the sole members of DArtisians happen to be lucky enough to call Rekha Dey our mother. Thank you, Maa! We hope to do justice to your teachings 😊❤️

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Happy New Year !!! May 2021 Bring Peace and Wisdom wrapped in success and human revolution.

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