Social Media is changing the way the world works and affecting artists majorly. Artists/creators are the oil in social media’s engines. People are buying art these days through it as well. And the worth of an artist is also getting decided by their social media presence.

Perhaps you are giving the platforms your best effort. You log in to Facebook or Instagram and share your latest work every day. But, it hasn’t been giving you the results you expected. You get discouraged. Sounds familiar? Fret not!

Social Media Tips

Social Media is not a “fix it and forget” venture. If you want to hop on the follower’s ladder in social media, you need to be consistent.

We got a lot of requests asking how you can make your social media presence better. Being an artist I understand the struggle you might be going through. Especially if you’re willing to set up your art business through social media then you need to collect potential followers (customers).

Today everybody’s on social media but how many of them are getting successful? The main reason behind this is you are not able to apply techniques for generating leads after launching your page. 

So, here are a few things that will help in your social media journey as an artist.

Here are 5 things nobody tells you about social media.


Well, there is no rocket science in it. You need to be “social” on social media. Think about it as if you have arrived at a party with millions of other artists. If you don’t talk to people, you are going to end up standing in a corner sipping your own drink at the end of the night. Isn’t it?

It’s the same for your social media platform. The more you interact, show people your talent, the more people get to know you, and start to grab a drink with you. As a result, you end up having a great party.

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There are no shortcuts or “DIY Hacks”. Growing an authentic, engaged following relies on research and analysis. It lies in getting to know your followers as much as possible.

I know being social is challenging especially if you are anything like me. Hang in there my friend! Just be regular at it. You don’t need to post fresh content every day. It is though ideal but can become tiring. Instead try a suitable routine for yourself, maybe posting on alternative days, but be sure to engage people every day at a certain time.

Fix time if you want just to sit back and talk to people, exploring the platform.

2. It’s MEDIA

The name says it all. Media is a strong word and there is a whole wide industry. So treat your social media account as a newspaper or magazine portraying your art and talent. You need to keep your followers updated about your latest works and also make it entertaining.

5 things about social media you need to know today
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Just like we used to flip through a newspaper every day in the morning, now we scroll through our social media feed. A huge chunk of our knowledge and awareness comes from the social media platforms these days.

Not everyone is a journalist but you at least can respect the idea of being in media. Right?


This is something I can not emphasize enough. Talking from my personal experience, Nobody wants to see your Art unless it has the potential to inspire or influence others. Your creation or a moment from your day that you have posted may mean a lot to you but why should people see it? Ask this question before you post anything. Why should people see your post?

You need to add value to your content. Focus on creating relatable content irrespective of which platform you may be using.

Even if you are putting a gorgeous picture of yours thinking how damn hot you are looking, put a thought or story in the caption that tells the viewers something about you that would help in growing your social media presence and let people know you better.

Being successful through social media means building relationships, establishing trust with your followers, and converting leads to generate income.

4. Know Your Options

There are a lot of platforms you can work on. So before making any strategies for your social media lets decide which platform interests you the most. Choose according to your convenience and stick to it. Don’t try to work on all the platforms at once.

You can choose between YouTube, Face book, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Medium. A new one is coming every now and then. So do your research for the one that suits you.

Whatever platform you choose for your business make sure to engage your followers to gain success. Your Followers=Your Account Advocates. So try to entertain, motivate, influence, or reward your followers and your social community will grow much faster.

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5. It’s a TOOL

Remember to use social media as a tool for your content and your focus is to reach people. So, be engaged in conversations with people. You need to keep analyzing, learning, re-configuring your social media account, and upgrading your strategies.

Keep analyzing your content—what’s working out and whatnot. Ask yourself as a practice, When to put a post? What to post? Does it make sense? and most importantly, Is it working?

The best way to increase your social media algorithms is to engage with your audience –Like photos, leave comments, take part in a conversation.  

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DArtisians Special Note:

There are a lot of things that regularly change at the back end of the social media platforms that you may not necessarily be aware of. Algorithm up-gradations, functionalities change, giveaway rules change –we social media influencers have to keep up with all these things. So keep an eye on the latest updates.

To those of you who think social media marketing is just about uploading a picture or video with a cute caption and a few hashtags online, you definitely need to upgrade!

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None of these happens overnight. Be consistent with a strong social media strategy. With the rise of social media influencers, everybody is on a crazy ride in the number game. But does your success only depend on the number of followers? A BIGG NO!

What’re more valuable—50,000 followers, who are not really engaged with you Or 5,000 who actually engage with you? Even if you have 500 followers on social media or lesser and can be sure to transform them into potential customers, you are Gold.

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