Artists go through negligence from society on many levels. Does it bother you why creative work is constantly undervalued? To solve this we need to explore why it happens. The situation seems confusing as Art is considered an essential part of all cultures throughout the world as it is essentially the very reflection of society.

However, the advent of technology has created the new grown tech-savvy society leading to the change in the reflection of art. To this extent, the question arises—is technology an enemy of Art? Let’s dig deeper.

Artists show the true colors of our society through their expression. However, discredited by the academic brain of the intellectual, the skill of creativity seems to have lost its importance and worth in the hierarchy of ability that society has created. The negligence follows is beyond justification. 

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Why Society needs Artists

Art has various branches—painting, music, literature, dance are few to name. Any creative activity has a significant impact on society, religion, and education. On a contradictory note, we have encouraged ‘cleverness’ and one’s ability to memorize textbook facts and figures to become a respected skillset. Whereas, those individuals whose skills lie in the creative arts are neglected in comparison. Artists are often perceived as ‘less skillful’, even ‘unimportant’.

This leads to question the need of the hour—why the creative talents are being neglected, discredited, undervalued, and underappreciated by society? 
Artists go through Negligence from society
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It is undeniable that arts play an important role in human life and culture all over the globe. Yet, the majority of artists’ population faces the common concern from family and friends, “When are you going to get a real job?” While we put our cultural icons and celebrities on a pedestal, the same artist without fame or money gets neglected and put through an utter disrespect many times. 

So it can be deduced that our society essentially values money over talent.

The mere value of Life is unrelatable for the so-called “life of society”. This has lead to such unfortunate events time and again when our society has gone head-over-heels for a dead artist. Society recognizes an artist’s talent after their demise while perhaps the very absence of that recognition may have lead to the end of the artist’s life. It is more profitable to write R.I.P (Rest In Peace) against a dead artist’s picture on media than to stand beside a live artist.

Artists go through Negligence from society
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None-the-less, Art can teach countless other important leadership skills. We seem to have forgotten that, without Art, we would not have the means to express our worries or fears, hopes, dreams, feelings, or, ultimately, our humanity. Art can broaden the knowledge, vision, mindset, and opinions of society. Let us not forget about Leonardo da Vinci or Galileo Galilei, who gave new life to modern-day science as we know it. 

Today, the digital revolution is one of the major factors that extremely affect Art to be undermined by many individuals. The advent of technology allows millions of people worldwide to be busy on a computer, meaning they do not have time to concentrate on other trivial and insignificant activities such as creating visual, auditory, and performing arts. We may like art forms done in traditional media, but those aren’t the works of art we choose to purchase much eagerly.

We purchase things that are composed of art, things that move or are interactive such as tattoos—the art we can wear and that’s personal to us. 

So it is to conclude that we didn’t stop appreciating art, we just started appreciating different mediums of art and we got more lazy and selfish about what we like. No longer are the days where the common man looks at an art piece and thinks, “what did the artist mean?” Because we no longer look for the expression of the individual in art—we look for something that we can identify with. We like movies over books because the imagination and the visualization have been done for us. It’s easier to digest than reading a book. 

Some people believe that artists deserve low pay because their work does not require technical skills—as if art is produced solely by impulse, vanity, or some internal dissonance.

Even though most people may appreciate the mystery and aesthetics of art, such appreciation does not instantly and necessarily transform into real support.


DArtisians is dedicated to all the artists—no matter what creativity or way of expression you choose—wide and open. Come join the tribe and together we will create a notion in time to end all the dismissal of society we have been dealing with. The society is a conception that is driven by the number of heads in a hoard and scared by individualism. So let us become a community of such strong individuals who can lead the society instead of getting neglected.

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