As we are breathing in so much chaos, it seems that our society is in a dire need of artists. Artists dance among the chaos that confuses, breaks, and torment other people. They have a different pair of looking glasses to see the world that sets them apart.

Artists have been a crucial part of the very beginning of our existence.
Society Needs Artists
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Artists show the true colors of our society through their expression. However, discredited by the academic brain of the intellectual, the skill of creativity seems to have lost its importance and worth in the hierarchy of ability that society has created. The negligence follows is beyond justification. 

We need people to think outside the box. From prehistoric cave paintings to frescos around the world, to scientific drawings, to the avant-garde movements, artists have contributed to expanding human evolution from many different perspectives. Artists can transcend the circumstances and give it some perspective.

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As Stephen Sondheim once said, “Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.” Art clears our minds and soothes it when in any difficult situation. It helps us to reboot our minds to take on the world with a fresh starting point.

The best thing is that you do not need to be an artist to get the perks from it. Art is an expression that serves both the creator and the viewer. Ever felt refreshed or inspired after watching a really good movie? Or reading a good book?

Art has various branches—painting, music, literature, dance are few to name. Any creative activity has a significant impact on society, religion, and education.

An artist brings true color and light to society. Through artists, we get to experience the true essence, emotions, color, and texture of society. The mellows and shadows become less dreadful and can even be entertaining by holding hands of art. A dull and dreary day brightens up by a visit to an art gallery or watching any piece of creative content. Hanging a great art piece in your living room or office can make it look alluring.

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Art is celebrated and utilized by communities all across the world to entertain, educate, and build community. Even politicians and the leaders of society take the help of art to convey their agendas. As a matter of fact, the apartment we live in, the office we work in, the mall we go shopping–all are curated by architects and designers with an artistic vision.

Every means of our entertainment can be categorized in some form of art or the other; created by an artist. There are museums and galleries sharing artworks of various artists but we must not forget that those dedicated buildings are not the only place for an artist.

Artists are a huge part of all communities as they bring in a sense of culture!

Most importantly, an artist doesn’t exist only to bring solutions to your problems and soothe your mental health. The importance of their existence goes far beyond a piece of art.

Artists radiate such confidence and perspective that influence others. An artist has the potential to bring happiness and peace in a messy world. Isn’t that we all want?


At the end of the day, we can say that art makes us a better person – by making us think profoundly, feel passionate, and by making us act on something. We should appreciate our artists for they express dynamically about things we do not have words for.

Most importantly, Artists bring revolution and pave the path of the future.

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